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Green Hornets

4th Comm Sq.

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Chiefs Line Number Mugs.

Custom Sandblasted 25oz Beer Mugs and Specialty Items make perfect gifts for  Military Retirements, Quarterly and

Annual Awards, Recognition for a job well done, and for all your special occasion needs.  Your one stop shop for that unique, one of a kind gift, for those select few who serve in the different Squadrons & units of our Armed Services.

Please refer to the "How To Order" page for instructions on how to place your order.  Send your questions or comments to Sales@MugworksUSA.Com or call Victoria (850) 585-9437

2D Comm SQ


Chiefs Head

Eglin AFB Fire Services

12th SOS

Water Survival

Electronic Warfare

Special Operations Command South

15th SOS

505th Com Sq