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SMC Det 12

4th Comm Sq.

RC-135 Signals

Weapons Reaper

25th IS

8th SOS

Electronic Warfare

Combat Aviation Adviser

15th SOS

505th Com Sq

Water Survival

Chiefs Line Number Mugs.

Greeneyed Ghost

Chiefs Head


Custom Sandblasted 25oz Beer Mugs and Specialty Items make perfect gifts for  Military Retirements, Quarterly and

Annual Awards, Recognition for a job well done, and for all your special occasion needs.  Your one stop shop for that unique, one of a kind gift, for those select few who serve in the different Squadrons & units of our Armed Services.

Mr. Bones

Green Hornets

51st Intel SQ


​​1st SOG

12th SOS

2D Comm SQ


Special Operations Command South

Eglin AFB Fire Services